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Time for a change

Two years ago I began developing Resting Place and this blog recorded much of the research and development. Resting Place has now become a stand alone collaborative project and this blog has become more of an outlet for my entire practice. With that in mind I have taken the decision to change the name and from today this site will be called Embroider the Truth. When I set it up I used this as the domain name because I was undecided as to the title of the project and wanted to keep my options open. Embroider the Truth seems to sum up fairly well   my first impressions of the photographs in Clarice’s archive and my belief that we never know a story in full, each telling and re-telling exaggerates and embellishes the facts until it is impossible to know what is the truth. Even our own stories can change over time, our memories leaving out information and details, mis-remembering and adding things, truths becoming exaggerated and embellished or forgotten and left out all together.


This blog will continue to be where I write about every aspect of  my practice, from my thoughts, research, projects, technical info, images, ideas etc etc. If you are a follower of Resting Place I will still write about the project here, but there will be a more detailed blog, with contributions by all the collaborators via the Resting Place website. This website is now live and contains information about all involved in the project plus, for the first time all the pages of Clarice’s diary can be viewed online via the Diary page

2014 is going to be a busy year with the first 3 Resting Place events plus some very exciting exhibitions and projects in the pipeline.

And so, just to say, thank you to all who read my blog and hope you will continue to do so.

Happy New Year

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