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Printing Clarice’s Diary

This week was my first research trip outside Thanet since January 2020 and what a trip it was. John McKiernan, Graham Klyne and I visited the wonderful Stan Lane at Gloucester Typesetting to discuss the Monotype Compositions project, learn more about the historic Monotype process and see a section of Clarice’s diary being printed (read the background to the project here).

Clarice records the following in her diary in January 1916

Jan 1st

Had more bad cases in – 2 men have pieces of shrapnel in their eyes – besides wounds in other places – one with a piece in middle of forehead –

x-ray shows a tremendous piece lodged just above his nose.


Two men had eyes removed and the shrapnel removed from boys forehead. Marvellous the size of the piece – it is a miracle it didn’t kill him – also found a piece of his cap same size – the M.O’S are very interested in him – it seems so wonderful to think it didn’t kill him.

The more I research and the more I think about this project, the more I am sure it is the right direction to take.

During our visit this week I made lots of recordings, both sound and video and the first I will share is a short 2 minute film of some of Clarice’s diary being printed. The sound of the Heidleberg printing press creating a wonderful rhythm to the process. It feels like Monotype Compositions has become a reality even though I have yet to secure the funding. Sadly Arts Council England turned down my first application but not to be deterred a revised and updated application is under way.

Click on the image below to see the film of Clarice’s diary being printed

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