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She never mentions tea again

This week I have been concentrating on making work for the Art Language Location Festival, taking place in Cambridge in October. My work, entitled ‘Embroider the Truth’ will be located at the Museum of Cambridge, in their tea room and will be composed of a series of lace doilies designed out of words from Clarice’s diary that reference tea. The first design is completed and the paper doilies made. I have almost finished the embroidered version too but this process takes a long time as the detail is small. Short bursts of stitching seem to work best.


By the time tea was over we were quite friends, Freehand machine embroidered doily


By the time tea was over we were quite friends, solar plate etch

I have now moved on to the second design and researching which entries to use. Clarice mentions ‘tea’ a total of 13 times in her diary entries from Sept 29th – Nov 21st. During this period she was stationed at Rawal Pindi Hospital, Wimereux.

On Nov 24th Clarice writes that she has had orders to move to No 13 General Hospital, Boulogne. Her diary entries get more graphic from this point on and she never mentions tea again.

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