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It’s a YES from the Arts Council

Today I received a much awaited letter from Arts Council England telling me that my application to Grants for the Arts was successful!!!!!!. I am absolutely thrilled that Resting Place will now continue on its journey.

The application to ACE was a very stressful and time-consuming process and one that would not have been made possible without the unwavering support from John McKiernan of Platform-7. The decision to take Resting Place forward as a collaboration has proved itself to be the right one.

There is now a lot of work to be done in order for the first live Resting Place event to take place on Sept 29th 2013 in Ellington Park, Ramsgate and more news will be posted soon.

In the meantime I will leave you with the opening words of Clarice’s diary

In time of war everyone has an idea that they ought either to join the Army or Navy and if they are unfortunate enough to belong to the female sex, ammunition work or nursing! Naturally every woman, girl, and even child who has anyone fighting for their country feel they absolutely must do something definitely – to help.

These were the feelings of my two friends and myself. Each day we would ask one another What we should do! Could we nurse! Yes! Would the War Office employ people that were willing, but unable to find sufficient funds for nursing abroad. Still we wondered! However, where there is a will there is a way! 

And so her journey began….

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