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vying for attention and shouting ‘me! me!’

poppy ink

I have only written 4 blog posts on here in the past year. it seems a poor effort but in my defence I have been working on multiple projects that all have individual blogs attached to them and trying to join all these up has been one bit of writing too many.

As a visual artist the words don’t always come easily and yet my head is constantly full of thoughts; words contained within the confines of my brain that just won’t find their way to the outside world. Recently this has felt like I am reaching saturation point with little room for the thoughts to ‘move’ around. They jostle for space, vying for attention and shouting ‘me! me!’.

There are several reasons why but the main one is that I have not been able to work in my studio as much as I need to. Personal reasons and the cold weather have conspired against me and several attempts to work have been abandoned because of cold fingers, cold materials, processes not working because of the cold and because in many ways my brain has seemed frozen too.

But today the sun has come out and I have sat in my garden and felt the warmth on my face. I am excited by the prospect of a warmer studio and with that the knowledge that I can get making again because in the making comes relief from the over-crammed thoughts. When words won’t do I make things; plates for printing, prints, objects, collections of things and sometimes I just make a tidy space. It doesn’t matter if the making doesn’t lead to what I might consider to be a finished piece of work, the making allows the thoughts to cease to be internal ones and in that process the connections and final ideas begin to form and maybe, just maybe the words begin to creep out from their hiding places and form themselves into coherent thoughts. Or maybe not.

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