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The Silence of Knitting part 3

With only one week to go until Silent Cacophony and my event The Silence of Knitting there are still people getting in touch to take part. The latest is a local school and although there is very little time to organise this I am hoping we can find a way for the pupils to take part. This may mean that they create their own event, in school.

Today I collect the posters and flyers from the printer and will be distributing them around Thanet. If anyone would like some please get in touch.

Silent Cacophony Poster THANET_low res

I have spent the weekend finalising the design for the labels, printing them and then hand stitching together to form small booklets. Although this proved quite time-consuming it seemed an appropriate way.


These small booklets will be attached to each individual piece of lace and the lace then left tied to the bench in the shelter for others to find. Each tells a little of the story behind the lace and for those taking part in other places there will be space for them to tell about the location where their lace is placed.


For those wishing to come and watch, the event begins at 11am on 11th Nov in the shelter next to Primark, Marine Drive, Margate

An event of silent knitting and spoken word

For those wishing to take part then get in touch asap

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