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Supporting my practice

As an artist making work that is not particularly commercial I have to find other ways to support what I do. It occurred to me a couple of years ago when I was looking to exhibit the Reading Between the Lines project, that large galleries always support their exhibitions with a range of products ie. mugs, pencils, postcards, catalogue etc and there was no reason why I could not do the same.

However, I didn’t just want to produce products that had no significance to the project. Thinking about Clarice’s notebook, her knitting and crochet patterns and hints on dressmaking. How most things were homemade at the time she wrote it and how women at that time were actively taught crafts inspired me to produce something homemade and teach myself a new craft in the process. The thought of buying in mugs or postcards just didn’t feel right.

The idea for making jewellery came when I was researching Clarice’s records and discovered that she had been awarded a medal at the end of the war for her services. The idea of medals and tokens seemed perfect and i sought a way of turning this idea in to a commercial product.

I launched my first range of jewellery back in 2010 and it has been a very successful way of funding my projects. The first range was designed specifically to accompany Reading Between the Lines and it seems sensible to also have a new range to accompany Resting Place.

Over the past few weeks I have been busy trying out designs and focusing the range and  am now very pleased to announce its launch.

This new range features images from the  embroidery on the pillowcases. The pendants and drop earrings are produced as a limited edition of only 5 per design with a new selection of designs released every 3 months. I have also produced a range of small stud earrings that are unlimited. They are hand printed and hand coloured and made from polymer clay. Designs no 1 and 3 have a high gloss resin finish and design no 2 has a matt finish. All have sterling silver findings and come with a certificate of authenticity signed by me.

Pendants are £35 (edition of 5)

Drop earrings £25 (edition of 5)

Stud earrings £15 (unlimited)

If you are interested in buying or would like to be put on my mailing list to receive notification when the next limited edition designs are released then please email me.

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