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Making Arrangements

It is two years ago now that I cleared my Mum’s home after her move to a Care Home and ‘Making Arrangements’ is a response to this time, to this process.

From Aug 2017 – Feb 2018 Mum was in hospital.  During this time it was down to me to pop in to her home  to collect post, water the plants and make sure everything was ok. It was during these visits; going in to an empty house, a house filled with so many memories, that I began to take photographs, firstly with my phone and then with my Lomo Instant Camera.

It started with a bright sunny day, the sunlight was falling across the chair where my Mum always sat.

Slowly, over a period of months, and as it became clear that my Mum would not be able to return to her home, I took hundreds of photographs, recording as much as I could. Through the eyes of these images I began to see my Mum’s home from a different perspective and things that had always been there ceased to be the familiar, overlooked and ignored things that they had become.

These images, and some of the items I kept, have been the focus of my research and experimentation and at a time when I can’t visit my Mum, because of the Covid 19 situation, it seems an even more important to be making this work and sharing it. Who knows when it will be possible to begin planning an exhibition in a gallery again, so online, for now is the only option.

My research and experimentation began last summer and so over the coming weeks I will share this project, from where it began through to what I am making now and perhaps along the way also share some practical processes that I use.

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