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It’s a no from the Arts Council

Two posts in one week is unheard of for me. However, today I need to let off steam. Following two applications to the Arts Council for Resting Place to tour, they have now said no twice.

The first application was made at the beginning of May. The rejection letter stated:

‘There are a number of factors we consider when assessing applications. Your application was not successful mainly because: Competition for funds. Our funds are limited and we had more good applications than we could fund. although your application met the criteria, we had to make difficult choices about which applications to support.’

OK, so although a rejection there was hope. I requested detailed feedback which included the following comments;

The applicant’s track record is strong and track records of those involved appears strong. The activity sounds interesting and the rationale behind the work is sound. Audience engagement is likely to be strong, taking place in the form of interaction with the installtion, the performance, and an Afternoon Tea event. Promotion will take place through existing channels of the applicant and Platform-7.’

This application will clearly contribute to the artistic and career development of this regional artists who displays much potential for interesting and insightful work. This application will help to consolidate her collaborative practice with Platform 7 and develop her understanding of presenting work in the outdoors.Although I am convinced about the quality of the artistic work of the applicant I am not familiar with the work of the other artists involved in the presentation of this work and am equally unclear about the quality of the final production. The first date of the tour is confirmed with a clear indication of financial partners and audiences. The application would have made a stronger case if it had demonstrated this level of clarity for the other 3 performance dates. Currently, there is no clarity as to where, how and to whom it will be delivered beyond a broad indication of ambition.

Funding is recommended.

Given the areas the application fell down on Platform-7 and I set about addressing these, incorporated the more detailed info into the original proposal and included copies of emails from host venues/organisations we are in discussion with as well as more detailed information about each of the artists involved. This new improved application was then submitted last week.

To my absolute shock, i received a letter today stating that my application did not meet their eligilibilty requirements because:

‘It does not contain enough information or is not sufficiently developed in some areas for us to be able to assess it’

It is beyond me how the same project can be recommended for funding one minute and not meet their eligibility criteria the next. I have given them a call to ask this very question and am awaiting their response.

In the meantime we now have to consider how the project will move forward without ACE funding. This also puts a question on the KCC funding I already have, as it was a condition that I secure other funding.

For the past few months i have been developing another project entitled ‘The King’s Shilling’. This will be launched very soon with the idea that it forms a source of income for the project, and i will be writing another post soon about this. Yes, maybe even a third posting in one week.

Now I have got all that off my chest I can go and do some work in my studio. Thank you Arts Council for being the cause of a lost mornings work!

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