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Boy of my Heart


Two days ago I was sent an email containing a very beautiful quote from a book written by Marie Leighton, mother of Roland Leighton (who was Vera Brittain’s fiance).

Roland was killed 23rd December 1915

For minutes that were like years the world became to me a shapeless horror of greyness in which there was no beginning and no end, no light and no sound. I did not know anything except that I had to put out my hand and catch at something, with an animal instinct to steady myself so that I might not fall. And then, through the rolling, blinding waves of mist, there came to me suddenly the old childish cry:  

‘Come and see me in bed, mother!’

And I heard myself answering aloud:

‘ Yes boy of my heart, I will come. As soon as the war is over I will come and see you in your bed – in your bed under French grass. And I will say good night to you – there – kneeling by your side – as I’ve always done.’

Boy of my Heart, published by Hodder and Stoughton, 1916   p220-221

Thank you Laura Probert for sending me this. I feel very touched, not only by the quote, but by the fact that when Laura read this she thought of Resting Place

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