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100 poppies

The past few weeks have been spent writing funding applications for stage 2 of From Wasteland to Wasteland and from today it is 100 days to the opening of our stage 2 exhibition which will take place, in part, in a little known underground wasteland.

During the R&D stage of the project I made  series of 100 mono screen prints of the 100 poppies I collected from the Lochnagar Crater. These poppies, scattered and left to decay, say more to me about acts of remembrance and memorialisation than wearing one pinned to my lapel and the experience of visiting the crater back in 2015 and seeing these discarded poppies was the catalyst for the From Wasteland to Wasteland project.


The poppies I collected were recorded, mapped, numbered, archived and brought back to my studio and 100 monoprints then made to represent each one. On the reverse of each print is a map made from a topographical drawing (although not an accurate one\) of the crater and showing the location where that particular poppy was found.


From today I will post one image from the series for the next 100 days. The images will be posted on my Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram and added one by one to a page on the From Wasteland to Wasteland website.

It would be brilliant if the images sparked conversations and debates about the use of the Poppy as a symbol of remembrance so please feel free to comment on any of the postings.

Other posts I  have written that relate to the poppies can be read

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