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Peonies and Pelargoniums?

Following on from a conversation that began on Saturday, my friend, Jackie Russell and I have been bouncing an image back and forth via email today. The photograph is one from Clarice’s archive and we have been trying to identify the plant/s in the very foreground.


We have settled on Pelargoniums, which are in flower, and Peony.

The exciting thing for me is that this places the photograph during the summer months (not exactly a narrow timescale I know) and it also throws up another question of did they plant up the hospital grounds with flowers? It seems unlikely that these two plants would have been growing wild.

This images looks like it was taken in a field type hospital, with temporary buildings in the background so I think more research is now needed. Clarice writes, in her diary, about arranging flowers in the wards so maybe it makes sense that flowers were planted in outside spaces to aid recovery and brighten the place. Hmm, I feel some new work coming on.

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