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Bonne Année

I have not published a new post for some time now. Several have been written but remain unpublished, for my eyes only for the time being. This year has been a busy one and I have been very fortunate to have taken part in many wonderful exhibitions and to have worked with many fantastic people. Resting Place has taken up much of my time and head space and I am very proud of the 3 incredible events that have been produced with the rest of the team. And although it is end of the first part of this project and unfortunately the end of the budget so far, I will be seeking further funding in the New Year to continue the project, taking it to France in 2015. There is still work to be done, films to be finished and the website to be updated – things to work on over the holidays.

2014-10-31 17.39.54

The most recent project I have been working on, Waste.Agency, continues and I am currently making the next edition of tissues, this time printed with silver leaf. There will be more news on my involvement with Waste.Agency in the New Year as there are plans afoot.

2015 sees the centenary of Clarice volunteering and being posted to France. Sept 28th will be 100 years since she wrote the first entry in her diary. And so I feel it is appropriate to share these entries, 99 years since they were written, and the Xmas message she sent to her sister, my Grandmother, who was also nursing the wounded at a VAD hospital in Epsom.

Dec 19th 1915

Xmas letter from Mum and parcel to follow. Nothing spec in wards – keep busy but no very bad cases except Tate who has a bad knee and the other leg amputated – has got something ‘Cocci’ – a germ which is very deadly and he will not get over it.


A letter from Eason – great joy. There has been a gas attack on Ypres – convoy in this afternoon – gas cases principally. One man very, very bad, nearly navy blue in colour and another wound in head and fractured femur and is mentally ill.


Gas boy died this morn just as we got on duty – very busy all day – but no fresh cases in when we came off duty.


Saw the destroyed pass with General Sir French on going to England. Three boats blown up or torpedoed outside B during night and port closed till midday

Head case still bad.


Went to concert at Christal hotel after dinner with Buckett


Had a very busy day – ward full. Patients had Xmas pudding for dinner. Some wards had a tree – we didn’t. All patients had something in their stockings. Had dinner at 8.30 at Hotel – Turkey, Xmas Pudding and Champagne – jolly. Dancing till 11pm – bed


Nothing spec: several very bad cases still

xmas card_low res

xmas card_rev_low res
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