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Making Arrangements

A body of work made in response to the process of clearing Dawn's Mum's home after her move in to Care. The project began back in 2018 when Dawn took 100's of photographs of her Mum's home before it was everything was sorted, packed and taken away. Most of the contents of her Mum’s home had to be got rid of; sold, given away, sent to charity shops, with only her Mum's very special things either taken to the Care Home so she could have them in her room, or stored by family members.

Dawn became fascinated by the flower arrangements that adorned every room, overlooked for years through familiarity but through the eye of the camera lens began to take on a new significance.

Every one of her arrangements went back to Dawn's studio, where they are still. They became the inspiration for the project title ‘Making Arrangements’; a play on the words; the act of flower arranging, of Dawn making the arrangements to empty her Mum’s home, and sadly making final arrangements after she passed away in March 2021.

For more background information on this project read Dawn's blog here

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